2 Jun

Lockdowns Hit Canadian Q1 GDP


Posted by: Mary Gronkowski

Near-Record Decline in Q1 GDP Better Than Flash Estimate The hand-wringing about the Q1 GDP data released today misses the point that the data were actually better than expected. The Canadian economy declined at an 8.2% annualized rate in the first quarter, less harsh than the earlier estimate by StatsCan of -10%. Of course, every sector of Read More

25 Oct

Don’t “Fix” it if it isn’t broken

Mortgage Rates

Posted by: Mary Gronkowski

By now the media, along with multiple mortgage brokers’ social media feeds, have likely let you know that more changes to your ability to get a mortgage are arriving soon. But so what? Should you care? SHORT VERSION; Probably Not. LONG VERSION; The five ’W’’s follow to help answer the above questions and more; Who Read More

17 Oct

Mortgage Rule Changes

Mortgage Rules

Posted by: Mary Gronkowski

The mortgage rule changes that were passed by the Ministry of Finance in October 2016 are still having their effect one year later. Higher qualification requirements and new bank capital requirements have split the industry into two segments – those who qualify for mortgage insurance and those who don’t. Mortgages that qualify for mortgage insurance Read More