What is an Uninsurable Mortgage?

General Mary Gronkowski 27 Mar

When it comes to mortgages, insurance is necessary to protect the lender on these types of loans, which deal in large sums of money. There are three different tiers relating to insurance, which all have different minimum down payment amounts and varying premium insurance fees. Insured mortgages typically have a less than 20% down payment and are […]

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First Time Home Buyer

General Mary Gronkowski 20 Jan

Being on the path to purchasing your first home is one of the most exciting and most rewarding moments in life! While people don’t always dream of the perfect mortgage, we do grow up thinking of a white picket fence and our dream home. Even if you imagined your dream home as a 6-bedroom mansion, […]

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5 Expenses Most Canadians Don’t Expect in Retirement.

Reverse Mortgages Mary Gronkowski 16 Nov

According to a recent CIBC poll, nearly half (48%) of retired Canadians stopped working sooner than they expected. The result is that many retirees have saved less for retirement than they planned, making unexpected expenses all the more stressful once the income tap has run dry. But you know what they say, preparation is the best protection […]

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The CHIP Reverse Mortgage as your Debt Consolidation Solution

Reverse Mortgages Mary Gronkowski 16 Jul

For many Canadians, borrowing money has become an increasingly necessary means of keeping up with ongoing expenses. Whether it’s a traditional mortgage to get into a home, a line of credit to cover a major purchase or unexpected expense, or credit cards to pay monthly bills, many Canadians find themselves plagued by a high debt […]

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Lockdowns Hit Canadian Q1 GDP

General Mary Gronkowski 2 Jun

Near-Record Decline in Q1 GDP Better Than Flash Estimate The hand-wringing about the Q1 GDP data released today misses the point that the data were actually better than expected. The Canadian economy declined at an 8.2% annualized rate in the first quarter, less harsh than the earlier estimate by StatsCan of -10%. Of course, every sector of Read […]

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Mortgage Tips Mary Gronkowski 21 May

There’s nothing quite like stepping into your dream home for the very first time. You have achieved your goal of homeownership! However, the journey from home seeker to home buyer can be challenging – unless you have a well-defined plan and guidance from the right professionals. As a mortgage broker, here’s how I will help […]

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Should you pay down your mortgage ASAP

General Mary Gronkowski 12 Apr

One of the top questions we get asked: Should I pay down my mortgage as fast as possible? In theory, this makes sense. The faster you pay it down, the faster you get out of debt, right? For many people that is the case and it does make sense often times to take this route. […]

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Mortgage Tips Mary Gronkowski 1 Mar

Here are some tips to QUALIFY FOR A MORTGAGE It’s not just because of finances. As a mortgage broker I receive calls from people who want to know how to qualify for a mortgage. Most of the time it comes down to finances but there are other reasons as well. Here are the 5 most […]

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Documents you need to qualify for a mortgage

Mortgage Tips Mary Gronkowski 22 Nov

Being fully pre-approved means that the lender has agreed to have you as a client (you have a pre-approval certificate) and the lender has reviewed, approved ALL your income and down payment documents (as listed below) prior to you going house hunting. Many bankers will say you’re approved, you go out shopping and then they Read […]

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