16 Jul

The CHIP Reverse Mortgage as your Debt Consolidation Solution

Reverse Mortgages

Posted by: Mary Gronkowski

For many Canadians, borrowing money has become an increasingly necessary means of keeping up with ongoing expenses. Whether it’s a traditional mortgage to get into a home, a line of credit to cover a major purchase or unexpected expense, or credit cards to pay monthly bills, many Canadians find themselves plagued by a high debt load at one time or another.

A high debt load is often caused by more than just spending or saving habits. Climbing costs of living combined with a slowing economy have further tightened many Canadians’ cash flows. The reality of the COVID-19 situation is that many Canadians will need to increase their debt to cover their monthly expenses, but there are no-payment options available to help them manage and consolidate these debts while increasing their cash flow at the same time.


It can be a stressful experience to manage debt from multiple sources. With varying interest rates, due dates, and payment methods, many Canadians become overwhelmed by the sheer effort of keeping up with their debt’s demands. That’s why debt consolidation is such a popular strategy: It makes paying down the debt much more efficient and manageable by rolling multiple high-interest debts into a single sum with lower interest and reduced minimum payments. It helps you get out of debt faster and protect your credit score.